• Manage departments of hospital
  • Manage doctor account
  • Manage patient account
  • Manage nurse account
  • Manage pharmacist account
  • Manage laboratorist account
  • Manage accountant account
  • Monitor hospital events
  • Watch transaction reports of patient payment
  • Bed,ward, cabin status
  • Watch blood bank report
  • Watch medicine status of hospital stock
  • Watch operation report
  • Watch birth report
  • Watch death report
  • Bed allotment status and admit history
  • Manage noticeboard for all users of hospital
  • Manage system settings
  • Watch system log of user interactions
  • Manage language of the software
  • Create backup and restore anytime
  • Manage own profile


  • Manage patient, account opening and updating
  • Create, manage appointment with patient
  • Create prescription for patient
  • Keep record of patient case history
  • Provide medication for patients
  • View diagnostic report of patients
  • Creates , discharge bed allotment for patient
  • View blood bank status
  • Issue for operation of patients and creates operation report


  • View appintment list and status with doctors
  • View prescription details
  • View medication from doctor
  • View medication from pharmacist
  • View / download diagnostic report from laboratorist
  • View doctor list
  • View blood bacnk status
  • View operation history
  • View admit history, like bed,ward icu etc
  • View invoices
  • Pay hand cash to accountant or pay online [PAYPAL]


  • Manage patient. account opening and updating
  • Allot bed,ward,cabin for patients
  • Provide medication according to patient prescription
  • Manage blood bank and update status
  • Manage blood donors
  • Keep record of patient operation, baby born and death of patient


  • Maintain medicine
  • Keep records of hospitals stock medicines and status
  • Manage medicine categories
  • Watch prescription of patient
  • Provide medication to prescriptions


  • Watch prescription list
  • Upoad diagnostic report
  • Preiview of diagnostic report files
  • Manage blood bank
  • Manage blood donors and maintain their status


  • Create invoice for payment
  • Order invoice to patient
  • Take cash payment


  • Highly secured agains security threats
  • Sql-injection, xss attack, csrf protected


  • The software is completely responsive
  • Supports desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet

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