Tek-ERP Software is free online billing software specially designed for small and medium businesses.

When you running your company, whether by yourself or with several workers. You need a dependable solution to keep an eye on consumers, invoicing and payment working. Rather than getting a separate accounting professional or outsourcing, you may handle these types of factors with free online billing software.

Using powerful and versatile manufacturing free online billing software like Tek-ERP Software for manufacturing helps organizations to manage various production processes more efficiently and improve productivity. With Tek-ERP Manufacturing, you can generate daily/weekly/monthly Production Plans based on your Order Position, Stock Requirements, Machine and Raw Material Availability. Tek-ERP Software for Manufacturing also helps the Production Managers manage ad-hoc and urgent production requirements which are a very common feature in many production scenarios.

Key Features of Tek-ERP ERP Software for Manufacturing

  • Define and Edit Multi-level Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Plan and Create Production Plans
  • Manage Quality Control during production
  • Manage Quality Assurance Documents
  • Useful Reports on Production Management
  • Product Costs - Standard Vs Actuals
  • Monitor Rejected/Breakage Material

Explore Our Best Features

Robust Technology and Continual Upgrades

Tek-ERP Software is powered by Tekxtrem. Tekxtrem is world leader in enterprise applications. This means you get best of the breed technology to run your software. Tek-ERP is continuously improved and upgraded to newer technologies making it economical ERP software in India, Africa and other countries.

Internet Based ERP Software

Tek-ERP uses a 3-tier architecture. It can be deployed on Intranet or extranet (using any form of connectivity including basic internet connection) this means your employees can work from anywhere using the ERP software and you can also give defined and password controlled access to your customers and suppliers.

Customizable to your needs

Tek-ERP has inbuilt world class Business Practices. You can even get them customized for your organization easily. The Customizations of ERP software help increase the adaptability of the ERP amongst the Users making it economical for the company.

Comprehensive Features Per Module

Tek-ERP has comprehensive features in every module, which means most of your business requirements can be easily fulfilled by standard Tek-ERP. This reduces the amount of time and effort required for customization making it most economical ERP software in India, Africa, and other countries.

User-Friendly and Easy to Use

Tek-ERP Software is highly user-friendly and requires little navigation skills. Its intuitive design ensures that your employees get used to it within a few days.

Multi-company, Multi-location, Multi-currency and Multi-lingual

Tek-ERP Software can help you consolidate your businesses across multiple locations and geographies, thus making it economical for your business.

Large number of standard and vertical specific modules

Free online billing software has a number of standard integrated modules which can be customized to your Business practices in India, Africa or any other country. Then there are Vertical Specific modules as well which help easy implementation as per your Vertical segment. You can start with a few essential ERP Software modules and then add more functions as need arises. This reduces your dependence on multiple applications and brings consistency in information sharing across the organization.

Integrated with Third-Party Applications

Tek-ERP Software is easy to integrate with a large number of 3rd party applications. If required, your existing applications/hardware can be made to communicate with ERP Software.

Automated Workflows

Tek-ERP has automated workflows which can be customized according to your business needs.

Tek-ERP modules


Helps an organization to manage the material in stores and track all the transactions related to it. It also helps in optimize inventory and manage the reorder, maximum and minimum levels of raw materials in the inventory. Inventory management streamlined with procurement cuts down the inventory and the working capital requirements. Companies have recorded significant improvements in profitability with reduced inventory.


Purchase department aims at making available the required materials of the right quality, in the right quantity and at the right price, for the smooth functioning of the organization. Purchase department interacts with different departments of the organization, suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers.


Tek-ERP supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. Tek-ERP programs enable centralized management of tasks such as tracking inventory levels and stock locations.


It allows companies run their transportation procedures more effectively, resulting in significant reductions over time , resources and costs . Calculate as well as analyze all transport activities to maximize performance and boost service levels.


Helps you manage your finance and accounts. It helps in creating all the Financial and statutory compliance reports necessary for financial health of the organization.


Tek-ERP software has been specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of users who need to monitor and report either Goods and Services Taxes ( GST ) or Value Added Taxes ( VAT ) . The accounting procedure is easy to use which is equally suited for small businesses and individuals.


With Tek-ERP Manufacturing, organizations can plan out production with optimum utilization of all the available resources like raw material, workforce, machines, etc.

HRIS(Human Resource Information System)

Helps in Salary Processing, Statutory compliance and also helps you manage your HR processes.


Different types of reports can be generated/downloaded/emailed. Besides the report templates available, you can also design your own reports in Excel.

Management Dashboards

Graphical Analytics tool typically meant for the top and the senior management. Helps you see and analyze the company's key performance parameters

Industry Specific Modules

Tek-ERP also has some industry specific ready made modules like Transportation and Vehicle management for Big Plants and Corporates, Agriculture/Harvesting/Plantation management for Sugar industry, POS for Retail industry etc.


Helps to automate your complete sales cycle. It manages your sales, invoicing, order processing, order scheduling, production advice etc.